The Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode 2 - The Thing in the Mist

London, Part 1


The Investigators set sail for London aboard a small steamer. Their travel costs and boarding accommodations were arranged by Jonah Kensington, with Prospero Press. Helena notified her friend, Darzim, of their arrival date and requested his assistance with their investigation.

Upon arriving in South Hampton, the team took a train to London where they met with Mr. Humphrey, the owner of the small bed and breakfast where the team would be staying.

The following day, the team began to follow-up on Elias’ leads.

Iris went to the Oxford library, but was unable to find further information on the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh or the Cult of the Bloody Tongue.

Archibald went to the Naval Authority. There was no information on the ship photo, but he learned that there is an importer in the Limehouse Docks owned by Punji Chabout, that imports things from Egypt and China.

Helena went to meet with Mickey Mahoney, an old friend of Jackson Elias who runs a tabloid called The Scoop. Mahoney reported that Jackson was cagey during his visit in November or December, and that he’d asked to review some old archives. He showed particular interest in a story about a surrealist painter and a string of immigrant murders on the Thames.

Beryl met with Graham Bishop, and old flame who works for Parliament, and determined that the Egyptian politician that the Carlyle Expedition met with has no real significance.

Helena & Darzim went to meet with Inspector Barrington, lead investigator on the Thames murders. He told them that he had met with Jackson Elias, who had believed the deaths may be related to the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh. Barrington had interviewed Edward Gavigan and Tewfik al-Sayed, but was told that the cult no longer exists. He told them that all of the victims had their extremities broken before a stake was driven through their heads. He also told them that all of the victims frequented the Blue Pyramid nightclub.

Beryl and Archibald then went to the Penhew Foundation, posing under false names as a team preparing an expedition to Egypt that would follow Carlyle’s. Edward Gavigan, the Executive Director of the Penhew Foundation, did not wish to reveal any details of the Carlyle Expedition, but warned the two that the Carlyle Expedition had cost many lives and did not return any artifacts of real value. He referred the two to Tewfik al-Sayed, the owner of a spice shop, if they needed additional information on Egyptian lore (or an Arabic translator).

That night, the team went to the Blue Pyramid. The nightclub was packed with a diverse crowd of English citizens and Egyptian immigrants. The bartender did not seem interested in discussing the murders, merely saying that the they were probably victims of gang violence. While exploring the club, Beryl met Ahmed Abdullah, a young, captivating Egyptian man. Beryl told him that she and her friends were “doing Europe”. He told the team that he vaguely knew some of the victims, but not personally. He also believed that there was gang violence involved. He denied any knowledge of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, stating that it was merely an Egyptian superstition to scare children.

Meanwhile, Archibald met Yalesha, a young Egyptian belly-dancer. Upon asking her about the murders, Yalesha requested to meet with Archibald in the alley behind the bar at midnight.

Archibald discovered an unmarked door near the bathrooms. After notifying the others, Archibald, Helena, and Darzim failed miserably to make their way to the door without drawing attention. The door led to a long hall filled with empty offices. At the end was an exit leading to an alley behind the club. Archibald found nothing of note in the alley, but as he made his way back toward the club, he was attacked by an invisible Being that began to suffocate him. Helena ran to call the others, and the team desperately tried to remove the Being. Iris determined that the creature must have an elemental weakness. In his dying moments, Archibald motioned frantically toward his flashlight before convulsing in death.

As the team reeled in shock, the Being attempted to latch onto Beryl, who managed to avoid its grasping tentacles and run back into the nightclub, followed by the others. Beryl found Yalesha and slammed her against the wall, accusing her of murdering Archibald. Yalesha seemed shocked at the news and asked to meet with the investigators elsewhere at the end of her shift. The group decided to reconvene at the Lumpy Dog Pub.

Most of the group left for the pub, while Beryl and Darzim watched the pub from across the street. Beryl noticed Ahmed Abdullah staring at her from across the street. He then fled on a bicycle upon being discovered. Beryl hailed a cab and followed him until he disappeared into Tewfik al-Sayed’s spice shop.

At the Lumpy Dog Pub, Yalesha warned the investigators that they were placing themselves in grave danger by digging into the murders, and that they were likely already being watched. Yalesha went on the say that there is a mob-like group in London known as the Brotherhood. The group helps Egyptian immigrants come to London illegally, but then demands tributes, dirty jobs, and other forms of repayment. Yalesha had been made to work in the bar, while her brother had to do other work; she did not know what it was, but feared that it involved drugs or other illegal activity. Fearing for her brother, she followed him to the Blue Pyramid one night and saw him and a large group of other young men get on a bus. Her brother did not come back; she believes he is dead. She began to notice that this bus ride happens on every new moon; the next will be February 8th. Yalesha begged the investigators to be more careful, stating that there are dark, magical forces at work in London. She and the Investigators swapped contact information, and she promised to be of service in any way that she could.



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