Jackson Elias

A charismatic researcher and world traveler


Status: Alive

Jackson Elias is a published author of several works on death cults from around the globe. He is a skeptic, and believes that cults function by feeding on their members’ inner weaknesses and insecurities.

Jackson is very charismatic; he’s a drinker and he regularly smokes Lucky Strike’s.
His books are published by Prospero Press, and he is a close friend of his editor, Jonah Kensington.

He was captured after discovering that Walter Kimbell was hiding out near Campeche, Mexico. He was rescued by the Investigators.

Additional information is available in the handout, P1 – Handout – What You Know About Your Friend, Jackson Elias.


Jackson grew up as an orphan, and quickly learned to handle himself on the streets. Through his own grit and determination, he was able to attend university and is now a published author. His work concerns death cults from around the world, though he is certainly a skeptic.

Jackson Elias

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