The Masks of Nyarlathotep

Episode 3 - Thieves in the Night


Still in shock from the death of Archibald, the team committed themselves to further unraveling the mystery while Helena Hamilton spent several days recovering from the shock of the recent events.

The Investigators sent word to Archibald’s mother, Eunice, via telegram. She joined them in London one week later.

Iris and Beryl went to Miles Shipley’s home, following the lead from The Scoop. They met with his mother, a kindly old woman, as well as the artist himself, a disheveled, possibly drug-addicted young man. They viewed some of his work- sexually-charged scenes of horror and violence- and Beryl purchased one of the more tasteful pieces. Miles was not classically trained, and said that his career began when a stranger in a bar encouraged his work and promised to show him incredible things.

Eunice, Cornelius, and Darzim went to Tewfik al-Sayed’s spice shop, where they learned that Ahmed Abdullah is a part-time employee. They also learned that Tewfik specializes in black market activity, including smuggling illegal goods. The team met with Tewfik under the pretense of wanting to purchase illegal goods, but when the conversation shifted to Jackson Elias and the Carlyle expedition, the team was quickly escorted out.

That evening, the team went to the Limehouse Docks and broke into the storage warehouse owned by Punji Chabout. There, they discovered various crates being shipped to Ho Fong in Shangai. The crates were full of strange statues, and, more curiously, various electrical and mechanical odds and ends made from strange metals.

Following that, the team went to Miles Shipley’s home. Beryl broke in and discovered several tomes, several vials of purple liquid and a syringe, as well as a strange painting that seemed to come to life as she looked at it. As she fled, she briefly saw Miles’ mother in the form of a reptile.

Then, the team decided to break into Tewfik al-Sayed’s shop after watching him leave for the Blue Pyramid. Eunice ound various scrolls and tomes, as well as vials of strange powder to be used with the Mirror of Gal in Tewfik’s living room in order to scry and torment foes from afar. They also discovered a letter to Tewfik stating that Jackson Elias had been “dealt with” and that “more gnats are buzzing in his place”. The letter demands that Tewfik “take care” of Charlie Bucket and Violet Beauregard, and suggests that Sir Aubrey Penhew is alive. It was signed by Edward Gavigan.

Following that lead, the team decided to break in to the Penhew Foundation. There, Iris found several Mythos tomes and artifacts, including statues of a Bloated Woman and a beast with a dragon body and octopus head, as well as a bust of the Black Pharaoh.

After returning to their bed and breakfast, the team reviewed the information they had gathered, and began to discuss whether they should further investigate the bus that leaves from the Blue Pyramid, or flee London for Shanghai or Cairo.



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